An open-source platform for building realtime applications

Otalk is a suite of truly open tools for making modern communication a delightful experience for users and developers. See the GitHub Org for all the code!

The upcoming version of &yet's Talky videochat service is built on the Otalk platform, a standards-based alternative to proprietary platforms for voice, video, chat, and more.

Otalk's primary components

Client-side tools:

  • SimpleWebRTC — a highly modular set of JavaScript libraries for WebRTC
  • Stanza.io — lets you do amazing things with XMPP. (No XML, just a beautifully simple JavaScript API.)
  • JingleJS — a generic Jingle session manager implementation
  • Otalk IM — a full-featured chat library for the browser (the foundation for Kaiwa among other apps)

Server-side infrastructure:

  • XMPP signaling using most XMPP servers (though we <3 Prosody)
  • Jitsi Videobridge — state-of-the-art selective forwarding unit that makes it possible to serve many more clients than full-mesh WebRTC.

More details, demos, and how-tos coming soon.

Want help implementing Otalk?

We can help you deliver a great experience without marrying yourself to proprietary infrastructure in someone else's pay-as-you-grow scheme.

&yet is a veteran realtime communication team, made up of pioneers and leaders of open Internet communication standards and creators of technologies that have helped scores of developers build great experiences.

We've served clients like AT&T and Ericsson, and we'd love to help you.

We can even help with UX design and train your team on how to build advanced single-page apps.

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